I Am Me – My Personal Journey with My Forty Plus Autistic Son

One out of 68 children today is diagnosed with autism…

and yesterday’s autistic child is today’s autistic adult.

What happens to these autistic adults when their parents and families are no longer around to provide daily support?

Who will look after them? Who will love them? Who will care?

Here are some of the rave reviews I AM ME has received

This is an exceptional book, blending scientific fact and theory with the moving personal experience of a mother who has raised a child – now adult – diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. It is a “must read” for parents facing this difficult situation.

Irving Kirsch, PhD, Harvard Medical School, Associate Director, Program in Placebo Studies

I Am Me, a labor of love, describes the personal odyssey of Dr. Marlene Ringler. She became adept at navigating various systems to enable her son to achieve his potential. It is an excellent read.

Harvey Bennett, MD, Clinical Professor of Neurology and Pediatrics, Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai, Chief Neurologist, Goryeb Children’s  Hospital, Morristown Medical Center

I can think of dozens of families in the various churches I have served over the last 55 years who would have benefitted greatly from this resource. Dr. Ringler tells the story of her family’s journey with her autistic son in a compelling yet compassionate and loving way.

Dr. Don E. Inlay, Former Consultant to the UN in World Population


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