Alumna Addresses Adult Autism from Mother’s Perspective

With one of every 68 children diagnosed with some form of autism, support for autistic children has become more prevalent in recent years. Yet, yesterday’s autistic child is today’s autistic adult, and as such faces an evolving set of challenging circumstances that are less well understood or appreciated.

Dr. Marlene Ringler, CECH ’68, understands better than most. By chronicling her personal experiences raising an autistic son, she hopes to help others who must manage through similar situations. To be released in late July, her new book, “I Am Me: My Personal Journey with My Forty-Plus Autistic Son,” offers a courageous story of hope, inspiration and love.

“As a mom of an autistic son, I believe I have insights into the challenges posed by raising a child on the spectrum through adulthood,” said Ringler. “My book also integrates current research in the area of autism studies and provides the reader with tools which may be helpful along the parenting journey.”

At UC, Ringler studied secondary education with a dual major in English and Sociology, graduating in 1968. She subsequently earned graduate degrees from the University of Maryland and the University of Liverpool in England. Founder of the international Ringler English Language Institute, she pioneered the concept of in-house training specifically in business settings, providing global training for such companies as Toyota, Intel, IBM and Microsoft. Now living in Israel, she has worked on behalf of adult literacy and as an advocate for persons with disabilities, and partners with service care providers to maximize the potential of the autistic population in work settings.

“I Am Me” has met with received acclaim from those in the autism space who have previewed it.

“With the determination of a scientist and the finesse of an artist, Dr. Ringler simultaneously updates the reader on the state of research in autism expertly interwoven with a biography of her son from a mother’s point of view,” writes Stephen Mark Shore, an internationally known educator, author and presenter on the autism spectrum. “Marlene has gifted the autism community with a guide that will be useful to parents and others wishing to understand autism from the autism community at large.”

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