About the Book

In her highly readable narrative, I Am Me, Dr. Ringler takes us into the world of the autistic and helps us to appreciate the complexities of living in a world where being different is a life long struggle. Her personal investigation of the complex neurobiological disorder is motivated by a search for answers where few, if any, exist. Her fascinating journey spanning decades and continents is presented in easy to understand language. Her extensive research compliments her personal search for answers to the challenges her family faces in raising a son affected by an autism spectrum disorder.

One out of every 68 children is diagnosed as having an autism spectrum disorder. And one of those diagnosed is the son of Dr. Ringler. She challenges the values and priorities of our institutions, communities and systems to grapple with what is today referred to as a “tsunami” as nearly 50,000 children each year face an adult world so sadly unprepared to deal with their ever growing needs. She poses stark and poignant questions families and communities are afraid to ask: Who will look after my child when I am no longer around to guide and support him? Who will care for him? And who will love my son when I am no longer in this world?

I Am Me: My Personal Journey with My Forty Plus Autistic Son uplifts and enlightens. It offers a rare look at a subject few are comfortable addressing. It is filled with empathy, honesty and affirmation that a life on the spectrum is a life brimming with potential and joy. Autism, according to Dr. Ringler, is simply one extension of our deeply human condition. Like a snowflake , twirling and whirling as it approaches our earth, each autistic is different, not less, and deserving of our respect.

Dr. Ringler compels us by her writing to engage in helping to make the world a safer and better place for those affected by this mysterious condition.

Special Features

  • Examines global data about the state of autistic adults, including diagnosis, medications, therapies and treatment
  • Features an up-to-date review of respected research into autism spectrum disorder focusing on interventions,   medical therapies, and diagnostic trends
  • Presents a clear and concise overview of the history of autism spectrum disorder
  • Gives families a platform from which to advocate, support and accept their autistic family member
  • Supports, guides and encourages parents and caregivers as they make important decisions regarding the future of their autistic child
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