Media Interview Topics

  • Adults with an autism spectrum diagnosis
  • Raising a child with autism to adulthood
  • Dealing with family issues when one member is on the spectrum
  • Discussing current views, trends, and topics related to an autism diagnosis

As a Mom and a Ph.D, I feel that I have something unique to contribute to the current conversations about an autism spectrum diagnosis. I offer the credibility of one with academic credentials combined with the years of experience raising a child with autism, even before such a diagnosis was recognized and understood in the parenting and medical communities.

The topic of autism resonates with many people who are affected by this diagnosis. I AM ME: MY PERSONAL JOURNEY WITH MY FORTY PLUS AUTISTIC SON is unique as it not only presents my own personal journey with my autistic son, but also integrates, examines and discusses current relevant research in autism studies. As a PHD, my credentials position me to discuss my book with authority and credibility. As a Mom of an autistic child, I can empathize with persons who have an autistic family member.

Today I work closely with service care providers to maximize the potential of the autistic adult in a work setting.  In addition, I counsel and advise parents about the legal aspects of raising an adult child to adulthood. Currently, I reside with my family in Jerusalem, Israel. We sponsor and host social events and gatherings to promote awareness about the needs of autistic adults.

I have received outstanding endorsements from experts in the field of health, healing, parenting, autism research, spirituality and medicine whose name recognition and experience enhance the message of the book  –  a courageous story offered as a gift of hope, inspiration, and love to anyone whose life is affected by an autism spectrum diagnosis.

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